Sunday, March 22, 2015

Science Project Ideas for Kids

Making Rocket That Could Slide Into Space One of Science Project Ideas for Kids

Science Project Ideas for Kids | Childhood is a time of much pleasure and joy. Kids are often difficult if told to learn. So we as adults need to be smart to get around to the subject matter to be interesting and fun. Kids should be involved in learning rather than just listening. If kids are involved in learning it will be a lot of fun are obtained and knowledge gained will be long remembered. One of science project ideas for kids is to make rocket that could slide into space. What tools and materials are required? And how the work steps of the project? Follow the explanation below:

Making miniature of volcanoes that can erupt :

    Tools and materials

-    Redoxon packaging bottles that has been empty
-    Liquid vinegar
-    Baking soda, and
-    Wipes

    The work step

This project is better done in the open field. Input the liquid vinegar into the Redoxon bottle. Spread the tissue paper on the surface of the mouth of the bottle. Put a little baking soda on the tissue paper. Closed the bottle with the lid but not too strong. Shake the bottle and place it on the ground in a state of standing. See what will happen?!


Not to long you can see that the cap of the Redoxon bottle violently ejected into space, the way it thrown away similar with the movement of a rocket that being launched. Why does this happen?  

The mystery behind this is due to chemical reactions between liquid vinegar with baking soda produces carbon dioxide gas. These gases are gradually becoming more and push cap ejected into space. Other substances resulting from the chemical reaction is the formation of salt crystals. So that was mentioned earlier that the beginning of the experiment is better done in the field. The first reason is so that the cap can slide freely without being obstructed ceiling. The second reason is that the salt produced is not polluting the room and make a mess.

You will see that the kids will enjoy this science project. After the experiment done, you can explain the science reason behind what happened. The kids will be very keen to listen to your explanation because they have witnessed the awesomeness of the result of a chemical reaction. Try to compare with if you directly explain to them that if vinegar (acetic acid) was mixed with baking soda it will form carbon dioxide and salt. They are guaranteed not to be too listening to your explanation. And five minutes later they had forgotten. 

So if you are a teacher or instructor who teaches the kids, be a intelligent teacher or instructor in the process of knowledge material delivery. More multiply involve children in terms of motor. Because learning from direct experience is the best teacher.  Guaranteed even in next several years the kids memories on the material that you teach will remain strong and that memories can be recalled at any time.

 Thus presumably one science project ideas for kids that can we explain. From these examples we can see that we can get science from materials that are added to foods that are all around us. Hopefully useful in increasing your reference in making kids science project.