Sunday, September 18, 2016

Kids’ Corner: Scientific Method Activities for Kids

Do you want your children learn about scientific method activities for kids? To build the reasonable and scientific answers amongst all people and it usually is started when you were a child, you need to build the scientific activities around your children. The activities can be at school or even at home with you, as parents.

By Book

Book is the world’s simply tool to know all knowledge and information. It is also cheaper and easier for you to get and conduct scientific method activities for kids. But to make a special scientific book, you can make it with your children. Collect all information, examples or ideas from the kids. Help them to write what they should do in their notebook to complete the scientific book.

Scientific Method Activities for Kids

To gather the data, the kids need to explore nature more. So, you must remind them to place safety first such as wearing gloves, aprons and googles. The kids or students can bring their waterproof plastic to keep the data or samples protected during the science experiments occurring.

By Demo

Other way to gather data is by observing the model. The students can do the scientific research or experiments by only looking at a model you have made before. For example, you bring a magnet. Ask a leading question or giving a hypothesis first. Tell them that they will watch a scientific movie related to magnet. Ask them to note well every information they gather. And tell them, they need to share what they get while watching the movie.

By giving demo either using movie or a real show model, the point is that you let the students to think what they see or find. Then what they are going to do with all data they have get. And the last stage, you tell them that at the end, they should analyze the data and draw some conclusions.

Scientific method activities for kids are fun to bring on as physical and thinking activities. As teachers or parents, we believe that by having fun ways to teach will make kids excited to learn. This makes scientific goes easy to do and it will teach the kids to think logically at the future. By asking, observing and answering.