Saturday, September 24, 2016

Children Need Scientific Method in Studying

Scientific method for children is recommended, especially in studying science. Science is one of the lessons at school that requires critical thinking. For that reason, it is significant for children to know how to conduct credible investigation.

This method uses thorough observation and analysis that help the children to provide answers scientifically. Teachers and parents can teach the children this method in order to make them more aware of their surroundings and lessons. Basically, scientific methods are different for each area of science. In other words, some areas are probably using easier and simple ways than others.

Scientific method for children

8 Scientific Methods for your Children

There are 8 main scientific methods for children. You can use these methods not only at school, but also at home. This method starts with observation and then leads to question. You can ask the children the topic that they want to know most or what interest them.

A background research is the next in line. You can give the children some books or ask them to use Google and gather all the information related to the question.

Next, you should teach the students to make hypothesis. The children can use background research as well as knowledge that they have to guess the answer of the question or to ask them about what they think will happen. You can ask the children to make a simple hypothesis.

After making hypothesis, you should ask the children to conduct an experiment. The experiment will test their hypothesis whether or not it is right. The next step that the children must do is collecting, recording, and processing the data. They should prepare a notebook or a document to keep all the details dealing with their research. Next, the children should write a conclusion about their experiment based on their analysis. They should write down the result of their analysis, especially the strengths.

The last step is presenting their result. If you are a teacher, you can ask the children to submit a scientific journal and report it in front of the class or display it on board. Scientific methods for children train the children to think critically and meticulously.


Sunday, September 18, 2016

Kids’ Corner: Scientific Method Activities for Kids

Do you want your children learn about scientific method activities for kids? To build the reasonable and scientific answers amongst all people and it usually is started when you were a child, you need to build the scientific activities around your children. The activities can be at school or even at home with you, as parents.

By Book

Book is the world’s simply tool to know all knowledge and information. It is also cheaper and easier for you to get and conduct scientific method activities for kids. But to make a special scientific book, you can make it with your children. Collect all information, examples or ideas from the kids. Help them to write what they should do in their notebook to complete the scientific book.

Scientific Method Activities for Kids

To gather the data, the kids need to explore nature more. So, you must remind them to place safety first such as wearing gloves, aprons and googles. The kids or students can bring their waterproof plastic to keep the data or samples protected during the science experiments occurring.

By Demo

Other way to gather data is by observing the model. The students can do the scientific research or experiments by only looking at a model you have made before. For example, you bring a magnet. Ask a leading question or giving a hypothesis first. Tell them that they will watch a scientific movie related to magnet. Ask them to note well every information they gather. And tell them, they need to share what they get while watching the movie.

By giving demo either using movie or a real show model, the point is that you let the students to think what they see or find. Then what they are going to do with all data they have get. And the last stage, you tell them that at the end, they should analyze the data and draw some conclusions.

Scientific method activities for kids are fun to bring on as physical and thinking activities. As teachers or parents, we believe that by having fun ways to teach will make kids excited to learn. This makes scientific goes easy to do and it will teach the kids to think logically at the future. By asking, observing and answering.


Saturday, September 10, 2016

What Are Scientific Method Steps for Kids?

Scientific method steps for kids need to know in order to guide you in determining the proper step of this method. It is actually as similar to the common steps of scientific methods. Certainly, it has been some improvements regarding to the age of kids. Here are the steps of scientific method for kids that you should know.

Having Scientific Process

Scientific process becomes a cycle to form hypotheses, gathering data, confirming, making generalization, and repeating cycle. The basic skills used in this scientific method include observing, clarifying and comparing, measuring, communicating, experimenting, deducting, and applying. Because deducting and applying require abstract thoughts, kids should not hopefully become competent in this competency and skill.

Scientific Method Steps for Kids

Mastering Process of Kids’ Scientific Skills

Kids have found the knowledge content by applying the process of knowledge. This can be done by doing scientific activities, class discussion, reading, and some other learning strategies to do. This is a thinking skill required to study knowledge. Process skill is enabling kids to process new information through experiments. The appropriate skills for kids are observing, classifying, comparing, measuring, communicating, and experimenting. By honing these skills, it is very important to face daily life and future study in kids’ science and math.

Developing Scientific Behavior

In some things, the behavior and attitude to subjects or activities are as important as its subject. One of the examples is an individual recognizing that smoking can kill him but he keeps smoking. Another example is about people knowing safety belt functions but they tend to refuse to use it. This is same as the scientific behavior.


The mental of kids have not been developed to the certain spot in which they can think rationally about forming attitude to systematic problems. But, they can practice their behavior that will create long-term habits representing scientific attitude. Curiosity is regarded to be one of precious attitude that can be processed.


A skeptic seems to appear among kids. Kids are forced to wonder why and be careful on nominal values. The experience is designed to do direct observation and data gathering naturally. It is useful to force kids to explore new situation objectively and openly. Those are some scientific method steps for kids.


Thursday, September 8, 2016

Easy Steps To Scientific Method

Steps to scientific method are actually easy and efficient to do. Even little kids can do scientific experiments easily with proper steps. What they need is only to read closely the instructions so the result of scientific method will happen. And that’s why on this article we want to introduce you for one example of scientific method. It can be tried at home and of course all people can do it : either you are worker, student or only a ten years old kid. This one example is how to make plastic in milk. So, how to do that?

Steps To Scientific Method

First, what you need is tools and ingredients like milk (about a cup of milk), white vinegar (4 teaspoons), bowl and a strainer. Usually, these tools are available around your kitchen applies or maybe inside your refrigerator. Now, after you prepare all those things, you can start the experiment. One thing for sure, if you are beginner or just a kid, better to get someone as your guide to aware of any risks. And here are some steps to scientific method :  start with heating up the milk (if you are a kid, you can ask your parent or older friend to do that) and if it’s hot enough, you can pour milk into the bowl. Put white vinegar into the bowl of milk and stir it up for a few minutes. The climax part is here : stand in front of the sink and pour the milk through the strainer. Let the watery part out into the sink because the lumpy blobs will be seen in the strainer. Wait about 30 minutes before you can rinse the mass of lumpy blobs and shape the mold. After that, usually the shape will be as hard as plastic and you will get a total plastic in milk!

So, what do you think? Are you really interested to do scientific experiments like doing this plastic in milk? Not only for fun but you can know and learn science reactions from simple things around you. More than that, the subject of experiment might be useful or important for your necessaries and display. Just remember before you practically do the experiment, always read  clearly the whole steps to scientific method!


Wednesday, September 7, 2016

4 Aspects to Determine Scientific Method Lesson Plan 4th Grade

Scientific method lesson plan 4th grade may be composed to help you in teaching and delivering the materials to students. It is guiding you to convey relevant materials for students. It is also helpful to find the right materials for 4th grade students. Here are some aspects to determine before making scientific lesson plan for the 4th grade.

Recognizing Scientific Method

Firstly, to make scientific method lesson plan 4th grade, you have to recognize the scientific method. Scientific method is steps conducted by researchers to answer questions to the existed questions. It is also a way to overcome problems and phenomena accurately and objectively so that it is able to receive universally and regard to be valid. Scientific method is simply defined to be the science methods to solve faced problems through certain steps including observing, composing hypothesis, doing trials, and deducing.

Scientific Method Lesson Plan 4th Grade

Determining Short Scientific Method Steps

It is important to determine short scientific method steps before making a lesson plan for 4th grade students. The short steps are doing identification of problems, gaining data in coverage problems. You have to select data to find correlation and relationship to the problems and data. Formulating hypothesis is another step to do for further research. Testing hypothesis correctly by gathering data is the next step. You can conduct confirmation, modification, or refusals of hypothesis if you get new discovers.

Gaining Benefits of Scientific Method

After knowing those aspects, it is right to find the benefits of doing scientific methods. There are some benefits of that method. It helps to solve problems by reasoning and proving satisfyingly. Then, it retests the result of one’s research so that it gets the objective truth about the scientific study. It is also solving and discovering the nature secret that has been hidden naturally.

Knowing the Principles of Scientific Method

The last aspect is about knowing principles of scientific method. The researchers develop scientific method and scientific behavior. The scientific behavior includes having curiosity, developing curiosity, being open minded, and honest to the facts.  It is usually started by doing observation from an incident repeatedly. The accurate observation is very important for scientific researchers.  It is also crucial to teachers to help the right lesson plan. Those are some aspects of scientific method lesson plan 4th grade.


Thursday, September 1, 2016

What Are the Steps of the Scientific Method That You Should Know?

What are the steps of the scientific method? It seems to be a question often heard related to biology subject and scientific method. Scientific method has been developed by Francis Bacon being called to be inductive method. It has been used by researchers to solve existed problems. To overcome those problems, it is importantly conducted these following steps of scientific method.

Formulating Problems

This becomes the first scientific method step to do. Formulating problems is aimed at clarifying the problems. With submitting some existed problems and directing it to be some parts, it is useful to handle the big problems. It also works effectively if there are some great problems. It can answer the question of what are the steps of the scientific method.

What Are the Steps of the Scientific Method

Conducting a Plan of Scientific Research

The next step in scientific method is conducting a plan. The research plan is made in the form of research plans. You can make it by creating the aim of research, doing the arrangement of hypotheses based on existed problems and data related to your research, and determining research variables. The next is selecting tools and materials used for a study so that it runs well. Determining working steps or research method can be used to handle it. Then, it takes population and sample by analyzing the data. This is of course conducted by making literature review so that it gains related data and conducted study methods.

Performing a Study of Scientific

This becomes a scientific method step to do after research plan or proposal received. The research depends on the steps of research or research methodology used. Generally, it starts from observing directly or indirectly. It is aimed testing made hypotheses that has been arranged. The knowledge on trial tools is important in the ways of performing the study. Prevent human error in taking data.


After managing and analyzing data, the next step of scientific method is deducing. Making conclusion of research must be based on the result of study and still holds objective views. Then, it takes remedial on your research to get the best and valid scientific result. Finally, it composes the final research report. It has been clear on what are the steps of scientific method.


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Learn More about the Use of Scientific Method in Psychology

How is scientific method in psychology applied? Psychologists usually explain any human behavior using subjective and anecdotal judgments, but by using scientific method they can explain the cases in an objective and systematic way. You can learn about the definition, characteristics, and steps of scientific method to understand how the researchers come to conclusions about human behavior.

scientific method in psychology

What is Scientific Method?

The scientific method is the process to investigate, acquire, and expand our understanding logically on a problem. In the process, there is a step-by-step process from the beginning until the end. When you put those steps together, you will get a sense of the answer. You should follow the step right from the number one until the end consecutively. If you start from three before two, you will more than likely to get the wrong analytical answer.

Psychological studies are trying to describe, explain, predict, and influence behaviors or mental processes of human. By utilizing the scientific method in psychology, psychologists want to conduct a psychological research in an objective and systematic way. For the result, they are expecting for able to describe and explain why the behaviors occur. Later, it can be used to create research for predicting and changing those behaviors to be in better stage.

Steps of Scientific Method

Step 1. Observation and Form a Hypothesis

First, researchers should begin with choosing a case study or a topic to study. Then, they need to conduct a review of the subject thoroughly based on existing literature. Through this review, researchers can provide valuable information that has been learned and what is the remaining question need to be answered.

After identifying the problem, researchers can formulate a testable hypothesis about the relationship between two or more variables. In this step, researchers should design the experiment using those dependent and independent variables.

Step 2. Performing Experiment and Collecting Data

There are two methods of performing experiment including descriptive and experimental research methods. Experimental methods use a demonstration of casual relationship between variables. Meanwhile descriptive methods include case studies, surveys, and observation that can’t be done through experimental. Once the experiment has been conducted, the researchers need to collect the data.

Step 3. Draw a Conclusion

After the data have been collected, researchers start to analyze and carefully examine the existing information to draw a conclusion supporting their original hypothesis.

Step 4. Reporting the Result

Once the conclusion has been drawn, the last step is sharing and reporting the result to the scientific community. The announced result will help to improve overall knowledge bases and the base for future research.

Using scientific method above, researchers can prove that psychology is also a science that has the same academic standing like biology, physic, chemistry, etc. Therefore, scientific method in psychology has been contributed to analysis several human actions, intentions and motivations on daily basis.