Sunday, March 22, 2015

Scientists by Scientific method for kids

Birth of the next scientists by Scientific method for kids

Scientific method for kids | Important discoveries that generated by scientists derived from scientific research. Observations and experiments carried out with appropriate measures and systematically so as to produce a scientific truth . Work step orderly and systematic is called the scientific method. so the scientific method is a step or stage regularly and systematically used in solving a scientific problem. As the next generation, kids should be introduced and allowed to try to apply the scientific method to solve a variety of problems. The problem is attempted to be solved can be started from a simple problem, which might be for adults already thought the results of the problem solving. The purpose of the scientific method for kids is such that kids are accustomed to solve the problem using scientific methods and more further be expected reborn the next scientists from our youth.

Scientific method for kids

How scientific research is done? The following will explain the stages of the scientific method that will be imitated by children in solving problems.

•    Formulate the problem

Children have a high curiosity. You would often observe a natural phenomenon, like a rusty iron. Of course you will be interested to know how such events can happen?. If you ever feel this, the question is actually an issue as research material. So you do not need to bother searching for the problem to be investigated, there are many events around you are interesting to be solved. The study begins with the formulation of the problem. The problem is something that will be studied and solved. By formulating the problem means you have to understand it to be studied.

•    Formulate hypotheses
After formulating the problem, as a researcher you have to compile the allegations that are naturally based on the evidence and the facts are there. these allegations are called hypotheses. So the hypothesis is only temporary answer of the problems being studied. Truth of the hypothesis to be proved through a series of experiments

•    Carry out scientific research

The research activities can you do in a laboratory or outside the laboratory. It depends on the type of research that you do. If you are doing research in the laboratory, you must understand the safety procedures in the laboratory. Likewise, if you carry out research outside the laboratory, you must know the safety in the area. Do not let the research you did endanger your safety.

•    Collecting data from the research

When you do the research, you will obtain the data. Any symptoms during the experiment, you must recording the results with neatly and stacking well. Thus you will obtain data that is not scattered and make you easy to process the data.

•    Process and analyze the data

After the data collected, you should classify the data according to the type or research purposes. Then the data were analyzed to determine whether your hypotheses that you put forward appropriate (acceptable) or just the opposite (not fit). If your hypothesis according to research data that you get was fit, that mean the hypothesis is accepted. But if the opposite applies, meaning your hypothesis is rejected.

•    Making conclusions

The conclusion of a research is conducted is a statement that summarizes what has been done during research activities. In a conclusion needs to be addressed if the data you get from the results of the research have supported the hypothesis that you made or not.

Thus the stages of scientific methods that can we explain. Hopefully with this simple explanation can be easily understood by young people like you. Scientific method for kids, is no longer something that is impossible. But it must be habituation early. ;