Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Activities to teach scientific method for all grades

A teacher should be more creative in creating fun activities to teach scientific method for their students.  Students are more interesting to involve into fun activities.  If you are teacher and want to teach your students with scientific method, then what you need to do is remember for these terms that should be and associated with the method. The first is hypothesis. This activity involves the statement that consists from some observation without backing from evidence that supported from experiment.

Next is theory. Theory is statement that consists from at least one observation and supported with much evidence from experiment. The theory is available to modify when new data or evidence is discovered. Next is law. Law is scientific statement that has been proven again and over again by experiment and it usually stands for time test and resists changing. The last is model. Model is scientific statement that has already validated with certain extend by experiment but accurately prove within limit. The scientific model may unable to replicate in situation or environment.

Activities to teach scientific method

Use the interactive method when you are teaching your kids or students method practice. Creates simply experiment that happens daily in their environment everyday can make them understand for the phenomena that happen around them with scientific learning.  The activities that you can involves students such as fair test contest, experiment task cards, skittles experiment, study jams and many more. The multiple trials is fun lesson for introduce trials for elementary school students. Use bouncy balls to teach this scientific method and repeat the trials. This scientific method is also able for upper grade, young elementary and upper elementary.

If your school has facilitated of video player, then you can use study jams activity. In study jams activity, students are discuss any questions, hypothesis, variables control, data recording, and design experimental and draw the conclusion together.  The interactive method when work with scientific method with your students means that you need to communicate with what they learn. Communicate with others students for what their result and logic think behind them. The examples of activities that you can determine are student’s science detective game. This is fun ways for elementary students into college level to learn scientific method.  The game just requires about 10 minutes activities to teach scientific method on what happen around them.