Thursday, April 21, 2016

Scientific Method Science Fair Projects Guides

During your school days, you might have experienced scientific method science fair projects. You should have known that science project can be done by everyone, not only the scientists or experts in the specific fields. Even in our daily life, everyone has been conduct a simple scientific method unknowingly like when your TV won’t turn on you check it and find that the cord is unplugged.

Understanding Scientific Method

The scientific method is a backbone of every science experiment. It’s a tool that helps researchers to answer a question and solve the problem in objective and systematic format. The scientific methods include a logically step-by-step process to investigate, acquire, and develop our understanding on the problem. The researchers should follow the steps from the very beginning to the end consecutively to get the best answer.

Conduct Your Science Projects

Scientific Method Science Fair Projects

On starting your science project, you should follow the steps of scientific method, including:

1. Identify the problem

For example, you want to watch TV but the TV doesn’t turn on when you press the button. Here, you had identified the problem that there is a problem with your TV.

2. Observe the problem

Next, you need to collect some information regarding the problem that will support solving the problem. For example, it is the first time your TV has this problem. Before your use the TV, your brother turns it on but there is no problem.

3. Formulate a hypothesis

Hypothesis is a base of scientific project. It is an educated guess or prediction based on two or more variables (independent and dependent variable). When the TV is off, you start guessing maybe the problem is from internal or external. If it’s from internal, maybe there is a crack in the motherboard or others. But if it’s from external, maybe the problem is the cord or electricity.

4. Conduct the experiment

There are 2 methods of conducting research including experimental method by using demonstration of experiment and descriptive method by using case studies, survey, or observation. You start to check the TV. You will start from external and find that the cord is unplugged.

5. Draw a conclusion

After the observations, you draw a conclusion that your TV is off because the cord is unplugged, not because the internal problem.

Joining Science Fair Projects

When your get the answer, you can decide to join scientific method science fair projects. What you should do is preparing how to display your project so others can see your science project. Along with the presentation, you can prepare the display with description, photos, and other support tools.

Actually, there will always questions come up as long as human still exists. While there are still questions need to be answered, then scientific method will always be used. That’s why everyone can be a researcher and join any scientific method science fair projects.