Saturday, September 10, 2016

What Are Scientific Method Steps for Kids?

Scientific method steps for kids need to know in order to guide you in determining the proper step of this method. It is actually as similar to the common steps of scientific methods. Certainly, it has been some improvements regarding to the age of kids. Here are the steps of scientific method for kids that you should know.

Having Scientific Process

Scientific process becomes a cycle to form hypotheses, gathering data, confirming, making generalization, and repeating cycle. The basic skills used in this scientific method include observing, clarifying and comparing, measuring, communicating, experimenting, deducting, and applying. Because deducting and applying require abstract thoughts, kids should not hopefully become competent in this competency and skill.

Scientific Method Steps for Kids

Mastering Process of Kids’ Scientific Skills

Kids have found the knowledge content by applying the process of knowledge. This can be done by doing scientific activities, class discussion, reading, and some other learning strategies to do. This is a thinking skill required to study knowledge. Process skill is enabling kids to process new information through experiments. The appropriate skills for kids are observing, classifying, comparing, measuring, communicating, and experimenting. By honing these skills, it is very important to face daily life and future study in kids’ science and math.

Developing Scientific Behavior

In some things, the behavior and attitude to subjects or activities are as important as its subject. One of the examples is an individual recognizing that smoking can kill him but he keeps smoking. Another example is about people knowing safety belt functions but they tend to refuse to use it. This is same as the scientific behavior.


The mental of kids have not been developed to the certain spot in which they can think rationally about forming attitude to systematic problems. But, they can practice their behavior that will create long-term habits representing scientific attitude. Curiosity is regarded to be one of precious attitude that can be processed.


A skeptic seems to appear among kids. Kids are forced to wonder why and be careful on nominal values. The experience is designed to do direct observation and data gathering naturally. It is useful to force kids to explore new situation objectively and openly. Those are some scientific method steps for kids.