Thursday, November 10, 2016

Cool and Fun Scientific Method Activities for Kids

Fun scientific method activities are perfect ways for parents to teach their kids about science. Parents have many ways to teach knowledge to their kids. It appears that combining learning with playing activities are the best way for parents to teach knowledge to their kids. It is because kids’ naturally like playing. Besides, kids are too easily to get bored to learn conventionally. In fact, kids are more attracted to learn in a fun way through scientific experiment activities. Parents can also be closer to their kids since such activities require guidance from parents. Thus, here are some cool and fun scientific activities that you, parents, may try with your kids.

Cool and Fun Firework in a Jar Scientific Activity

Fun Scientific Method Activities

Firework in a jar scientific activity can be a great way for parents to teach about density of every liquid. You just need to prepare a jar of warm water, vegetable oil, food coloring (three different colors) to have fun with this fun scientific method activity. First of all, you need to mix approximately 3 table spoon of vegetable oil with the food colorings. Stir it gently with a fork. Those two different type of liquid will not be perfectly mixed actually since they have different density, the food colorings will just break into smaller dots. Afterwards, pour the mixture to the jar containing warm water. Thus, you will see the colored oil drops sink down and mix creating firework effects.

Mentos Lava Scientific Activity

Mentos lava scientific activity is another cool and fun activity. What you need to prepare is just a bottle of coke and a packet of mint Mentos. Afterwards, the first thing you need to do is to drop the mint Mentos to the coke. And, whoosh! You will see a sticky brown lava flood out of the bottle. It happens because a bottle of soda contains full of carbon dioxide. It appears that the carbon dioxide gas is suspended in the liquid since the bottle is closed. When you open the bottle and drop a Mentos in it, Mentos drops to the bottom and the gas forms a lot of bubbles on it. As the result, the reaction forces the liquid out and form sticky brown lava. Thus, you have done one more cool fun scientific method activities.