Saturday, September 24, 2016

Children Need Scientific Method in Studying

Scientific method for children is recommended, especially in studying science. Science is one of the lessons at school that requires critical thinking. For that reason, it is significant for children to know how to conduct credible investigation.

This method uses thorough observation and analysis that help the children to provide answers scientifically. Teachers and parents can teach the children this method in order to make them more aware of their surroundings and lessons. Basically, scientific methods are different for each area of science. In other words, some areas are probably using easier and simple ways than others.

Scientific method for children

8 Scientific Methods for your Children

There are 8 main scientific methods for children. You can use these methods not only at school, but also at home. This method starts with observation and then leads to question. You can ask the children the topic that they want to know most or what interest them.

A background research is the next in line. You can give the children some books or ask them to use Google and gather all the information related to the question.

Next, you should teach the students to make hypothesis. The children can use background research as well as knowledge that they have to guess the answer of the question or to ask them about what they think will happen. You can ask the children to make a simple hypothesis.

After making hypothesis, you should ask the children to conduct an experiment. The experiment will test their hypothesis whether or not it is right. The next step that the children must do is collecting, recording, and processing the data. They should prepare a notebook or a document to keep all the details dealing with their research. Next, the children should write a conclusion about their experiment based on their analysis. They should write down the result of their analysis, especially the strengths.

The last step is presenting their result. If you are a teacher, you can ask the children to submit a scientific journal and report it in front of the class or display it on board. Scientific methods for children train the children to think critically and meticulously.