Friday, September 30, 2016

The Roads to Conduct Scientific Method

There are some of the steps to the scientific method that you should know. If you are about to conduct a research, you can use these steps. Why? Scientific method is actually quite easy to follow. You can provide scientific answers for your questions. Using scientific method does not mean you use scientists’ methods. In other words, scientific method may vary based on the area of science. For that reason, the numbers of the steps in each area is also different. However, generally people use around 6 to 8 easy steps. These steps are the most familiar in conducting, let say, a simple research in the class.

The steps to the scientific method

Each Step in Scientific Method

Many people usually start the method by asking a general question. The question should relate to the area of research. After asking a question, you can start the next process, which is giving an explanation or answer. The general question is taken after you do some observation. If you are able to narrow down your question as well as your research, you will be able to form hypothesis.

At this point, you should prepare possible answers. Next, you should test and also evaluate your hypothesis. The experiments should involve significant data that you have gathered during the observation. During the experiments, you must take some notes or make a record about the result.
The next important step is analyzing all gathered data. You should divide and organize the data based on your questions. Some people even use statistical data in order to gain valid results.

Many people are not really careful in making a conclusion. This step contains the result of the research and also niche for further research for anyone who has similar interest. In some cases, many people present the result in front of people or publish the result on the internet like blog or other social media.

Generally, using scientific method is quite easy. It assists disorganized people who find it difficult to conduct and write their analysis. Anyone can apply this method, starting from parents, teachers, as well as students. So, the steps to the scientific method enable you to do critical thinking and to have a better understanding on your surroundings.